Financial Planning Tools For Individuals

Man Working in the Office Regarding AccountingWith prices rising faster than most people’s salaries, it might seem like a struggle to both make ends meet and save some funds for the future. However, the right financial planning tools can help individuals and families budget, pay bills on time and even, begin to grow a nest egg to provide future security. Consider some good online tools that can help with a lot of personal finance tasks.

This is a list of online financial tools that regular people can sign up for and use today. While all of these services have some sort of free trials, they may also charge for other services. If used wisely, they should pay for themselves in better money management, increased savings, and lower debts.

Online Budgeting Tools provides users with the ability upload their account information and get reports on where there money actually goes each month. This is not the only service that offers online budgeting, but it usually gets high ratings when consumers review different options.

Many people who have budgeting problems have a rough idea about the cost of their fixed bills. However, they don’t really have a handle about discretionary spending. In other cases, people may see just how much they spend upon certain utilities or insurance products and decide that it is time to shop for better rates as well. provides an online resource for people who are interested in developing a budget that they can live with in order to get out of debt. It’s a bit different than Mint and worth mentioning. This tool encourages users to allocate every dollar at the beginning of the month for bills, luxuries and other spending. At the end of the month, users can check to see how well they have done.

Online Savings, Investment, And Retirement Accounts is not a budgeting website. It a site that allows users to make stock and equity trades. In addition, users can even set up their own online IRA, or individual retirement account. Money can get automatically transferred from a savings or checking account to either a regular or IRA account, and this helps to force savings.

Signing up is free, but the site has some charges for services. In addition to offering a variety of different accounts and trades, there are also some good research tools to help users make good decisions about their investments and savings.

Sharebuilder also has their own checking account. Certain services may be free or cheaper for people who sign up for one of these accounts, but that is not a requirement to use the trading, investment, and IRA services.

Online financial planning tools automate a lot of the drudgery of planning budgets and tracking progress. In addition, these tools are much easier to use than old-fashioned methods of using account books or even spreadsheet software. The ability to get quick information from the internet can help many people improve their financial situations.